Monday, July 22, 2013

Thank you Henry Ford . . .

Last spring, my students had to do a research report on a famous inventor. I had three students select Henry Ford. I heard all kinds of interesting Henry Ford "facts". (Emphasis on interesting . . . apparently not enough time was spent on fact vs. fiction!) I waited patiently for each student to discuss the impact Henry Ford had on car manufacturing . . and waited . . and waited . . but alas, not one person mentioned the assembly line!! Which is why, after creating the first three blocks in my Uncle Sam's Bow Tie quilt, I then realized - THERE IS A MORE EFFICIENT WAY!!!

I spent two hours laying out all the cut pieces into stacks that would make one block. (see previous post) Why? When each individual bow tie had to be made before they were joined as four to make a block?? I could have just chain pieced the bow ties and then put them into blocks - ala assembly line!! Also, I realized that when I planned this quilt, I paid no attention to the finished block size - 12 inches. Really?? 16 12 inch squares for a baby quilt?? I stopped at six - I think with the border it will be the perfect size.

The colors look wonderful together - even though I have no choice but to despise anything orange and blue on account of my allegiance to FL State, this quilt looks adorable. Perfect for baby Nate! Now I have to figure out binding . . .

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