Tuesday, July 23, 2013

19 Days!

Summer?? Summer? Where are you going? I can't believe the summer is almost over! We only have 19 days left - and that's if I count until the very last YOU MUST GO BACK NOW day. *sigh* My summer to do list isn't very done. (I'm almost caught up on Mad Men on Netflix - does that count?) I've basically got jack nada ready for school next year. Today I had a meeting at work and I'm pretty sure my blood pressure has been elevated since being surrounded by happy people chirping to get started. So I made a list of things that I could work on at home to alleviate some of the pressure I felt. You know - those cute, fun things that go straight out the window once school starts. (Well, I'm hoping maybe I might get one or two cute things made during the school year.) At the end of last year I decided that since I'm moving to a new school, a new grade level, and a new program (S.T.E.M.)I should redecorate my classroom - ala Schoolgirl Style, with my own Raven Style. Ha! Let me tell you about that . . . . so I made a project off Pinterest to feel better about myself. It's one of those write/wipe perpetual calendars. Upon completion I decided it needed to have had gray paper instead of white in the back. But oh well - I'll use it!!

Now on to my dreams of having matching clothespins for all the wonderful student work I'll be hanging this year . . .

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