Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day . . . .

I'm working on patience. Waaay back in March, I decided that our boring bathrooms would be an easy first room to tackle in the "Make the House a Home" project. Most of the work was comprised of one person jobs, but there were a couple that I needed Hubs' help with. So this summer, I added "Finish Bathroom" to my list of summer projects. I thought - this will be easy. I can check this off the list . . . . So now its July and the bathroom is halfway finished! The original plan was to "Frame the Builder-Grade Mirror" (all the rage on Pinterest right now!), paint the walls gray, add new fixtures for hanging, and new shower curtain and towels with embellishments. In March, I painted. And in July, we upgraded the mirror, and hung fixtures. But I have to be patient - these projects are not going to be finished at the snap of a finger or the wave of a wand. And since I sometimes have about eight projects going on at a time, I need to pace myself. Here are some pics of the work in progress.

This is Hubs working so hard on the mini-frame we decided to use around the hooks for the towels. The towel bar was industrial and boring - it needed to go!

These are the blocks we used in the corners of the mirror frame. We don't have a miter box or a compound miter saw (WE WISH!!) so we felt very clever when we saw these at Lowe's. I'll have to patch and paint the small space in between the trim and the corner.

An in-progress shot. I think I was twinkling with joy every nice time we put a new piece up! Seriously - framing the mirror makes a huge difference!

Isn't Hubs so cute?? (Ignore that tackly purple shower curtain behind him!) He had a great idea to stagger the pictures on the wall!

So, hopefully, with some patience (and probably better time management) the bathroom will be finished by August!! More pictures to come soon! GO FRAME YOUR BUILDER GRADE MIRROR!!! Everyones doing it and it looks GREAT!!

xOxO, Em

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