Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Nerds Do Craft It Better!

I recently went through a phase where I signed up for every swap available on IG.  One of the swaps I signed up for was "Nerds Craft if Better" hosted by @jrshules.  My husband is an ultra-nerd, so I thought that perhaps if I put his nerdoms into the Google survey I would receive something wonderful and creative to put in his office area.  I had the pleasure of making something for @ellenlamb, who made a great mosaic and gave me tons of inspiration!!  I decided to try something new for me - letters!!

I was inspired by Blossom Hearts Quilts Easy ABC QAL and drew my letters out on graph paper, than did some research into my partner's nerdoms and found a symbol that represented each one of her favorites.  I also used my brain and quilted the mini before doing the applique - so glad I remembered to do this this time!!
I choose to do some stylilzed echo quilting in the letters so each one is different!  I really like how this turned out - even though I usually don't use text in my quilts, I may have to make one with some of my favorite phrases!
Do any of you uber nerds recognize the game I used as a background for the quilt?   It's my husbands!

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