Sunday, May 10, 2015

April Finishes!

I've been super busy making bee blocks and swap items, so my products larger than 24" x 24" finished have been lacking, but with summer coming I'm looking forward to beginning and finishing some bigger projects!
Up first I have a baby quilt that I donated to project Linus.  I originally began this project last year for a former co-worker who was expecting.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend her shower and she needed to have the gifts at the shower.  (Don't get me started.) So I shelved the quilt and purchased a Target gift card.  This year, my guild, The Tampa Modern Quilt Guild is doing this WIP contest - I'm not really sure about the specifics, but I finished this quilt, donated my fat quarter, and am hopefully in some kind of drawing!
Yes, my husband is wearing white shorts, a white shirt, and black socks in this picture.

My next finish is a sweet baby quilt for a co-worker. I used the intersection tutorial from Film in the Fridge.  When I asked for the colors of the nursery, she actually sent a picture of a quilt from either Target or Pottery Barn.  However, since I knew mine would be better I went ahead and made one anyway!
I don't know why my husband enjoys being the "Quilt Creeper" so much!  We've been super busy and haven't had time to do our forays into nature for good quilt pics lately, but I'm hopeful things will slow down after May is over!

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