Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Amateur Hour v. 1

This year I'm trying to get those pesky WIPs in control!!!  You know, the ones you started a while ago and now destest the very sight of . . .  Well, another one bit the dust!   A while ago (I'll let you check the date on the author's original blog post) I saw this tutorial on Jeni Baker's blog for making a Scrappy Nine Patch Chevron quilt.  This was when chevron was all the rage and I just had to make one!!!  Fast forward over a year later . .  and voila!  The quilt is done!

I call it Repro Rampage!

My husband is such a good sport!

 As you can see, I used a bunch of reds and yellows to make the nine patch blocks, most of which were from my 30's obsession period.  Unfortunately, I used leftover lining material for the white - very cheap, and it stretched like crazy when I quilted it.  I'm not sure why I made that choice - I think I thought I would never finish it . . 
We also had a fabulous time hiking around one of the local nature preserves scouting great locations to photograph the quilt.  These are in the reproduction cow camp.

See all the bunching and lumps??   I didn't want it to look like it'd been run over by cows!!

My husband is such a great sport about my quilting hobby obsession.
This was right before I told him there was a shady road instead of a one mile trail  in 95 degree heat that led to the cow camp.  He's still smiling!

Who hangs a quilt next to a roll of barbed wire??  This girl!!
I'm so pleased that I finished this!!  Here's to more like it!  

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