Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello 2014!!!!

Hello 2014! I'm so glad you're here!! I've got just a few of those resolutions that I'd like to guilt myself about for the next 363 days . . . . .

1. Take care of myself! Wow - hubs and I both realized that in the very short time we have been married we would no longer be able to outrun zombies, so it's time for that to change. It's going to mean some earlier mornings and better prioritizing, but I know we can do it!!

2. Make sewing friends! Yup, right now I have one. She doubles as my mom. She is an awesome sewing buddy but she goes to bed around 7:30 every night (EARLYBIRD to the extreme) so I'm going to try some new ventures that will seriously force me out of my comfort zone.

3. Finish 10 quilts. (I copied this from Sewing and Bacon. What a great idea, right??) I have two quilts almost finished so I'm not counting them, but I will count my Tula quilt if, no, WHEN I finish it!

4. Spend more time outside. (Perhaps this will help with #1.) I mean we live in Florida . . . . lots of opportunity here!

Okay so enough about how my fabulous self is going to become even better - let's talk about a few fun things that have been going on here at the Nest. First, my best sewing buddy and I participated in the Christmas Shop Hop the Orlando area quilt shops hosted. (Orlando area is a very broad term, my friends.) We drove to every one of those stores and got our passports stamped. This time, we did really well with not overspending at every store. And guess what??? WE WON!!! FORTY YARDS OF FABRIC!! (Ok, so technically sewing buddy won but we made a pact when we did not think we would win that we would split the prize. MUAHAHAHAHA!!!) So yes, I am set on fabric> not in desperate need of new fabric for a little while. I also discovered free motion quilting (right, like it was this hidden art form waiting for me) and am now obsessed. Bring on the negative space! Below are some pics to show that I haven't actually been sucked into the social media warp for all of my absence.
Working on my  Tula 100!  I even joined a Flickr group to track my progress.
First time free motion quilting - went a little crazy with this.  I used six different thread colors and it turned into a little more of an art piece than I had planned.
I am in love with machine quilting this.  :)   I will be sad when I finish . . . hopefully today!
This is my loot from the shop hop.  The stuff we bought.  Because we are legit shop hoppers.
I will become a confident quilter!!  HAHAHAHA . . . .  maybe . . .

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